Terms Of Service

Currency Miner Crypto Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) is related to right and obligation specifications established by users and Currency First Limited  or its designated relevant party, including but not limited to the Currency Miner Crypto Website (www.Currencyminer.com), the Currency Miner Crypto app owner and its affiliates app for numerous services of Currency Miner Crypto. This agreement has the effect of the contract and applies to all your activities on the Currency Miner Crypto platform. By accessing and/or using this website, the user accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to any term of this Agreement, please stop using the services provided by Currency Miner Crypto and the Website. If you purchase any product provided by Currency Miner Crypto , you shall agree to the service agreement of that product as well. Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to change or modify the terms of this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion. User should periodically review this Agreement for the latest changes. Once the modified agreement is published, it will effectively replace the original agreement(unless the effective time is otherwise prescribed). If users continue to use Currency MinerCrypto services after the release of this Agreement and its modification, it means that you accept and agree to the modification.

 Service Content

Currency MinerCrypto utilizes its own system to provide users with Cloud mining machine and other service products that may be added in the future through the network. Regarding the registration details provided by the user, the user consents to:

(1) Providing legal, true, accurate and complete personal information;

(2) Uploading user information if any changes occur. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom. Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to terminate the user's use of Currency MinerCrypto  services.

 Provision, modification, and termination of services

1. While accepting the Currency MinerCrypto services, the user agrees to accept all kinds of information services provided by Currency MinerCrypto. The user hereby authorizes Currency MinerCrypto to send business information to his/her email, mobile phone, mailing address, etc.

2. User that has any objection to the modification of this agreement, or is dissatisfied with the service of Currency MinerCrypto, can exercise the following rights:(1) Stop the usage of Currency MinerCrypto network service. (2) Inform Currency MinerCrypto to stop its service through customer service channels. Upon termination of the service, the user's right to use the Currency MinerCrypto Network Service is immediately terminated. In this case, Currency MinerCrypto is not obligated to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the User or any third party that is not directly related. 

3. Once the user buys the product and service on the platform,Currency MinerCrypto has the right to refuse the refund for their own reasons.

4.Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notifying the user. Currency MinerCrypto has the right to exercise the right to modify or discontinue the service, and does not need to be responsible to the user or any third party that is not directly related.

 User Registration

1. You hereby represent and warrant to Currency MinerCrypto  as follows, which representations and warranties will be deemed repeated each time you use the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto :

(1) if you are a natural person: you are at least 18 years old of age and have full civil capacity.

(2) if you are an entity: you are duly organized and validly existing under the laws of the jurisdiction of your organization or incorporation and, if relevant under such laws, in good standing.

(3) your use of the services provided by Currency Miner Crypto complies with the applicable laws and regulations in your country/region, and your use of the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto does not violate your obligations to any third party. 

(4) you have the requisite power to use the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto and perform your corresponding obligations, and the Agreement and the corresponding purchase order(s) are valid and binding on you. 

2. For the registration data provided by the user, the user agrees to:

(1) provide legal, true, accurate and detailed personal or entity’s information.

(2) update the user information in time if there is any change. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences, and Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to terminate the usage of Currency MinerCrypto services.

(3) Unless obtained express written consent from Currency MinerCrypto , you shall only register for one account at Currency MinerCrypto ;

(4) For compliance purpose such as KYC (know your client) and/or anti-money laundering, Currency MinerCrypto  reserves the right to request you to provide Currency MinerCrypto  your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and/or financial information. 

(5) You will be required to enter your username and password when using certain features of the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto . If you are unable to access your account for reasons such as you forget the password, Currency MinerCrypto  reserves the right to request specific information from you, including but not limited to proof of identity,proof of residence, telephone number orEmail proof and any identifiable activity information on the Website, such as transaction ID, order number, withdrawal information, etc. However, you hereby agree that you will not share your username and/or password with any third party or allow any third party to access your account. CurrencyMinerCrypto  is not responsible for any consequences and losses caused by your improper use of your account and/or password or any third party’s use of your account and/or password. If you believe that your username and/or password are known to any third party or that your account has been accessed by any third party, you should notify Currency MinerCrypto immediately. 

 Information confidentiality

1. User information referred to in this agreement refers to information that complies with laws, regulations and relevant rules and meets the following scope:

(1) Personal information provided to Currency MinerCrypto  during user registration.

(2) User's browser including but not limited to IP address, website, information in the cookie and the web page request records that are automatically received and recorded by Currency MinerCrypto  when uses Currency MinerCrypto  service and participates in website activities or visiting website pages.

(3) the personal information of the user legally obtained by the Currency MinerCrypto  from the business partner. 

(4) the personal information of the user obtained by other Currency MinerCrypto  through other legal channels.

2. Currency MinerCrypto  Commitment it will not disclose the user's password, name, mobile phone number, and other non-public information to any third party without legal reasons or prior permission from the user.

3. In the following statutory circumstances, the user's personal information will be disclosed in part or in full:

(1) disclosure to the user or other third party with the consent of the user.

(2) disclosure to administrative or judicial authorities or other legally required third parties in accordance with laws, regulations and other relevant provisions or requests from administrative agencies.

(3) other disclosures in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and other regulations.

 Risk Factors 

Before purchasing any Service, you shall evaluate if the Service is suitable for your financial capabilities and risk preferences. By purchasing any Service provided by Currency MinerCrypto , you acknowledge that you understand and accept all the risks associated with this Service. The risks listed in this Section are not exhaustive. These risks, and additional risks that may occur now or in the future, may prevent you from obtaining any gains, may cause you to suffer financial losses, and may even terminate the services we provide:

1. Use of any digital assets or related product and service carries potential financial, regulatory and other risks.   Before using any digital asset or related products and services, you should confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and experience in the features and risks of blockchain technology, digital asset, and smart contracts. Your decision to participate in any digital asset activity and/or use of related services should be based on independent study and/or consultation with professionals as you deem necessary. Currency MinerCrypto  assumes that when you use the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto , you are a professional who understands the digital asset industry and understands the risks of digital asset related products and service. This Agreement and any services provided by Currency MinerCrypto  should not be deemed as Currency MinerCrypto ’s providing you with investment advice.

2. The value of any product or service provided by Currency MinerCrypto  and the value of any digital asset may be affected by many factors not controlled by Currency MinerCrypto , including but not limited to mining difficulty and/or other changes in mining parameters/attributes, market price fluctuations in digital assets, hardware (such as mining machines) obsolescence and hardware amortization, etc. 

3. Due to the nature of the digital asset, the value of any digital asset may lose some or all of its value at any time. You are aware of the fact that the value of any digital asset can decrease rapidly (and even decrease to zero). Currency MinerCrypto  is not responsible for any and all losses caused by the market price fluctuations of any digital asset.

4. Digital asset transactions may take a while to be confirmed. Although very unlikely, it does exist the situation when some digital asset transactions may never be confirmed, and unconfirmed digital asset transactions mean such transactions are not completed.

5. Digital asset transactions are irreversible: if you send any amount of digital assets to any person or digital asset wallet address in error, you may not be able to cancel the transaction or recover these funds. 

6. Currency MinerCrypto  does not hold any funds for the users. If you wish to purchase products and services offered by the Currency MinerCrypto  platform, you may choose to pay for your orders directly using your digital assets.

7. If you lose or forget any PIN or password required to access and use the digital assets, the digital assets may be lost or unavailable to you. 

8. Blockchain (or digital asset) technology may have unknown inherent technical defects.

9. Each country may introduce and promulgate new laws, regulations, and policies that affect the use of digital assets. 

10.Currency MinerCrypto will maintain or upgrade the system periodically. You hereby confirm that you do not expect that your use of the Services provided by Currency MinerCrypto  is continuous, without any interruption. Unless otherwise expressly prescribed, Currency MinerCrypto is not responsible for any and all losses caused by the suspension and interruption due to Currency MinerCrypto’s maintenance and upgrading of its system.

11. No authentication or computer security technology is 100% secure and safe. You agree to bear all risks related to hacking or identity theft.

12. You understand and agree that Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to post, modify, and/or provide information related to our service through the Website, emails, customer service calls, SMS and other official channels. Currency MinerCrypto is not responsible for information obtained through non-official channels of Currency MinerCrypto. If you have any question related to the truthfulness of information sent in the name of Currency MinerCrypto , please contact us immediately.

 User rights

1. User's username, password and security:

(1) The user has the right to choose whether to become a registered user of Currency MinerCrypto . If the user chooses to become a registered user of Currency  MinerCrypto , he or she can create an account. The naming and usage of the account should comply with relevant laws and regulations and be ethical. The account must not contain any insults, threats, obscenities, hatred and other infringements of the legitimate rights and interests of others.

(2) Once the user has successfully registered and becomes a Currency MinerCrypto registered user, he or she will get the account ( email address) and password and shall be responsible for all activities and events that occur after logging into the system with this account and the corresponding password. The user shall be liable for any legal liability that is directly or indirectly caused by the use of improper language and other actions of the account.

(3) If the password is lost, user can reset the password by requiring a reset email sent to the registered email address.

2. The user has the right to participate in various online and offline activities provided by Currency MinerCrypto Organization.

3. The user has the right to get access to other types of services provided by Currency MinerCrypto  according to the Currency MinerCrypto  platform’s rules.

4. Currency MinerCrypto Commitment: after the purchase of Currency MinerCrypto Service products, if Currency MinerCrypto is unable to provide service due to the reason of the platform, an alternative solution shall be provided to users. Otherwise,Currency MinerCrypto shall bear the loss caused by failing to provide the service and the amount of settlement shall be separately negotiated by both parties. 

Currency MinerCrypto Official customer service email: info@Currencyminer.com

User Restrictions and Obligations

1. User must not use this site to endanger national security, divulge national secrets, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the state's social collectives and citizens, and may not use this site to produce, copy and disseminate the following information:

(1) inciting resistance and undermining of the Constitution and laws, and administration regulations.

(2) inciting subversion of state power and overthrowing the Socialist System.

(3) inciting secession and undermining of national unity.

(4) inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity.

(5) fabricating or distorting facts, spreading of rumors, disturbing social order.

(6) promoting feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, abetment.

(7) blatantly insulting others, fabricating facts, or other hostile behaviors.

(8) harming the credibility of state organs.

(9) other violations of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations.

(10) conducting commercial advertising.

2. Users may not maliciously register Currency MinerCrypto accounts by any means, including but not limited to multiple account registrations for the purpose of profiting, speculating, cashing, and gaining awards. Users should not steal other user accounts. If users violate the above provisions, Currency MinerCrypto reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the services provided to Users and to take all necessary legal measures to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

3. The user is obliged to properly keep the Currency MinerCrypto  account and password,  Google verification code, and the user shall be fully responsible for the username and password, and Google Key Security. The user is responsible for any legal consequence caused by the user's username or password, Google Key leakage. The platform is not responsible for the loss of property caused by the user's own information leakage.

4. It is forbidden for users to use Currency MinerCrypto as a place, platform or medium for engaging in various illegal activities in any form. The User shall neither engage in any commercial activities in the name of Currency MinerCrypto nor use the information/data on the Website without prior written authorization from Currency MinerCrypto, and may not use Currency MinerCrypto as a place, platform or medium for commercial activities in any form.

5. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, this Agreement and all rules and policies announced by Currency MinerCrypto from time to time regarding the use of the Website and the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto .You cannot use the Currency MinerCrypto website and the services it provides that is prohibited by the laws and regulations applicable to you.

6. The taxable tax, and all hardware, software, service, or fees from other aspects while you are using this service, will be undertaken by yourself.

7. You agree and represent that you are using the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto only for your own benefit and that you are not using the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto on behalf of others or for the benefit of any third parties.

8. You agree to contact Currency MinerCrypto immediately if you find or suspect any fraud or misconduct by any third party using the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto .

9. You should not participate in any activities that may affect the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto and/or the security of the Website.

10. You shall not use any method (such as Proxy, Tor, VPN, etc.) to block your Internet traffic and IP addresses or use other technical services that may hide the user's real Internet connection.

11. Intellectual property rights of any content displayed on the Website, including but not limited to articles, pictures, news, materials, website structure, website layout, website design, unless otherwise specified, are entirely owned by Currency MinerCrypto  or Currency MinerCrypto ’s licensor (if any). The User shall respect the intellectual property rights of Currency MinerCrypto and Currency MinerCrypto ’s licensor (if any). 

12. You hereby represent and warrant that your use of the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto will not negatively affect Currency MinerCrypto 's reputation or cause Currency MinerCrypto to assume legal responsibility or other penalties, fines, and sanctions. 

13. You can shut down your account at any time. But you are still obligated to perform your obligations to any pending transaction. Besides, you will be responsible to us for any costs incurred prior to shutting down. 

14. You hereby understand that the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto are not available to the following (each, a "Restricted Person"): 

1) residents in the following countries or regions:  Hong Kong and mainland China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria,

2) any entities or individuals that are restricted under applicable trade sanctions and export compliance laws, or 

3) any entities or individuals that are restricted under Currency MinerCrypto’s compliance obligations and internal risk control policies. 

The above list is not exhaustive. Before using the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto, please confirm that you are not a Restricted Person. In the event that you are a Restricted Person and you use the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto, all legal risks and liabilities caused by or arising from such usage shall be entirely borne by you, and Currency MinerCrypto shall have the right to refuse to provide services to you, and you shall not be entitled to ask Currency MinerCrypto to provide any refund.

 Liability for Breach of Agreement

1. For any violation of this Agreement by the User (including but not limited to the User fails to pay the Plan Fee in time. the User's use of the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto is illegal in the country/region where the User is located, etc.), Currency MinerCrypto shall have the right to immediately suspend or terminate the services provided to the User and take all necessary legal means within the scope permitted by applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to holding the User liable for the relevant loss suffered by Currency MinerCrypto .

2. If Currency MinerCrypto reasonably suspects that the User uses the services provided by Currency MinerCrypto in an illegal, fraudulent, or other improper manner, Currency MinerCrypto shall have the right to suspend the provision of the services to the User until the User can provide proof of compliance to Currency MinerCrypto’s satisfaction.We will not be liable for any losses caused by our termination or the suspension of your account.


1. The limitation of Currency MinerCrypto 's liability for the products provided by Currency MinerCrypto is subject to the service agreement of such product. If there is no special agreement, Currency MinerCrypto 's full responsibility to the User shall not exceed the total fee paid by the User to Currency MinerCrypto. 

2. Based on the particularity of the Internet, Currency MinerCrypto does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted and does not guarantee the timeliness and security of the service.Currency MinerCrypto shall not be liable for service suspension or termination occurring by reason of circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to war (declared or undeclared), terrorist activities, acts of sabotage, blockade, fire, lightning, acts of god, national strikes, riots, insurrections, civil commotions, quarantine restrictions, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, explosions and regulatory and administrative actions or delays. In the event of such force majeure, Currency MinerCrypto shall take reasonable steps to minimize interruptions and loss but shall have no liability caused by or incidental to such force majeure.

3. Currency MinerCrypto is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete or store the information published by the user. 

4. Unless expressly agreed in writing by Currency MinerCrypto Platform, the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information obtained from the Website, (including but not limited to via, connected or downloaded), including but not limited to advertising, etc. are not guaranteed. Currency MinerCrypto is not responsible for any products, services, information or materials purchased or obtained by users due to the content information on this website. The user is solely responsible for the risks associated with the usage of the information on this website.

5. All notices sent to users, Currency MinerCrypto will be delivered through formal page announcements, station letters, emails, customer service calls, mobile phone text messages or regular mail. Currency MinerCrypto does not assume legal responsibility for any activities or information such as winnings or offers that are not obtained through the formal channels of Currency MinerCrypto.

6. The User hereby understands and agrees: unless it is expressly agreed in writing by Currency MinerCrypto in advance, under any circumstances Currency MinerCrypto shall not be liable for the following events and the User's losses due to the following events 

(1) loss of trading profits.

(2) damage or loss of information/data not caused by Currency MinerCrypto’s intentional misconduct.

(3) product/service dies or withdraws from the market.

(4) implementation or change of laws, regulations and policy factors.

(5) that the User is restricted under Currency MinerCrypto’s compliance obligations and/or internal risk control policies based on the information provided by the User (including but not limited to the Personally Identifiable Information, financial information and digital asset wallet address).    

(6) loss caused by the User's fault or violation of this Agreement (including but not limited to providing inaccurate information to Currency MinerCrypto, leaking password to third parties, etc.).

(7) other events not controlled by Currency MinerCrypto.

7. You agree and accept that: without duplication of any other rights to recovery or indemnity set forth in this Agreement, you shall indemnify and defend Currency MinerCrypto against, and shall hold Currency MinerCrypto harmless from, any loss, liability, claim, action, suit, or expense (collectively, “Losses”, including reasonable attorney’s fee) caused by or resulting from your breach of this Agreement.


1. Waiver: no delay or omission as to the exercise of any right or power accruing upon any default by the User shall impair Currency MinerCrypto ’s exercise of any right or power or shall be construed to be a waiver of any default or acquiescence therein.

2. Severability: should any provision of this Agreement be determined to be illegal or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

3. Governing Law: this Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of United Kingdom without regard to conflicts of law principles.

4. Conflict selection:This Agreement is an important legal document between the Company and the user registered as a Company user, using the Company service. This Agreement shall prevail if any other written or verbal meaning of the Company, or the user is inconsistent with this Agreement.

5. Dispute Resolution: You acknowledge and agree that, before filing any dispute or claim, you will contact us through info@Currencyminer.com to solve the dispute in an informal way where we will try to solve the relevant dispute internally as soon as possible. The Parties agree to negotiate and solve any dispute in good faith (such negotiation shall be confidential and protected under applicable rules, and will not be used as evidences in any proceeding).

if the negotiation fails, either party has the right to submit the dispute to United Kingdom Arbitration Centre for arbitration and the dispute shall be finally settled in accordance with Arbitration Rules of the United Kingdom Arbitration Centre in effect at the time of submission for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding on both parties. Unless the arbitral award is otherwise determined, the arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party. The losing party shall also compensate the winning party’s legal fees and other expenses.

6.Replacement of Prior Agreements: this Agreement replaces and supersedes all prior agreements between you and Currency MinerCrypto with respect to the subject matter provided for herein.

7.Version: the English version of this Agreement shall prevail. 


Last updated: September 20, 2016