Our team consists of members from industry-leading traditional financial institutions, Internet giants, and blockchain unicorn companies. We have extensive knowledge in the financial and technology sectors.
Currency Miner's technical team possesses cutting-edge blockchain technology and ensures security through decentralized consensus and cryptographic encryption. And we protect user data and assets through strong security protocols and encryption standards
Mining Pool Income and Payment Instructions When a user places a plan, the pool will automatically create a sub-account for the plan. Since revenue is generated by orders, sub-accounts cannot be merged or deleted. The platform provides fixed profits, and profits will be credited directly to your account within 24 hours after placing an order. Note: 1. If you choose the payment address of a trading platform, please consult its minimum deposit amount in advance, because the minimum threshold may be lower than the minimum deposit amount of some platforms, resulting in BTC/BCH losses. We recommend users to use a personal wallet address with no/low deposit amount restrictions in order to successfully receive payments. Currency Miner is not responsible for any losses caused by other platform thresholds.
Mining pool payment methods and rules: Coin Miner has established cooperative relationships with many mining pools such as, Biyin Mining Pool, ViaBTC, Antpool, and F2pool. Investors can set the wallet address according to their needs. The mining pool deposits mining profits into your platform account every 24 hours. You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies at any time, with service fees borne by the mining pool and no additional fees. When an investor purchases an investment plan, an account will be set up for them in the pool. When the income of each account exceeds the minimum threshold, the mining pool will deposit the income into the designated account.
This is completely not allowed. Whether you create multiple accounts, retain invalid information during the account creation process, or attempt to commit fraud on the platform, your account will be frozen and the account deposit and withdrawal functions and login functions will be blocked. closure.
We only accept cryptocurrency payments. Our supports a variety of popular digital currencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC and other cryptocurrencies
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According to international anti-money laundering laws, if your account deposits quickly and withdraws quickly, it may be judged as an illegal money laundering transaction, illegal transfer and concealment of funds. Therefore, the funds you deposit must purchase a contract package before you can withdraw cash. If you have not purchased a contract package and cannot withdraw cash, please abide by international anti-money laundering laws and invest legally!
Currency Miner charges no fees for deposits and withdrawals. The transfer fees or miner fees generated by the transaction are charged by the exchange according to the different cryptocurrencies you choose.
You are free to close the software and turn off the device. This will not affect the cloud mining process. Since the mining rights for cryptocurrency are located in our mining farms, turning off your own phone will not affect the normal operation of the mining machine.
1. Click Dashboard 2. Click to recharge 3 Enter the recharge amount, select your desired cryptocurrency payment method, and click Next. 4. Copy the wallet address displayed on the platform to your wallet to make the payment. After the payment is successful, take a screenshot and click to upload the payment success screenshot. Once the upload is complete, click Submit. Note: The screenshots submitted must ensure that all content is clearly visible and cannot be blocked or mosaic
1. Click Dashboard. 2. Click to withdraw money 3 Enter the withdrawal amount, select your cryptocurrency address and enter your fund password, click Submit
Every time you visit, the online customer service dialog box will automatically pop up in the lower right corner of the system. You can contact us anytime 24/7 or you can chat with us via email at
Each customer has a unique affiliate link that can be shared with anyone, copy your affiliate link and share this link to get bonuses. Any new user who signs up using your affiliate link will become a lifetime member. You can start making money even if you don't invest. As a referrer, you are eligible for a 3% affiliate commission bonus on every purchase your referrer makes. For example, if someone purchases a $1,000 investment plan using your affiliate code, you will receive $30 for free.
Currency Miner cooperates with many selected mining farms in Canada, the United States, Russia and other regions, and has its own large mining farms. and million-load mining farm, so our low cost and strong production capacity can bring higher returns to investors.
Click [APP] on the navigation bar above the homepage of the Currency Miner website to enter the page and download it.
No, you don’t need to pay any additional fees, any fees incurred by the mining machine are already included in the contract cost
Yes, you can buy multiple investment plans and earn profits, as long as the investment plan you choose does not show 100% sold out! You can even purchase multiple investment plan contracts with different terms.
When your profits will be distributed depends on the investment plan you choose. Usually the profit distribution time of our investment plan is 24 hours. If you choose an investment plan with other profit distribution times, please check the profit distribution time according to the investment plan details!
Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance download and usage instructions Binance download: Binance Getting Started Guide: Please follow the above steps and use Binance Exchange to deposit Currency Miner to invest in our package.
The minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal amounts are both 100 USD
Currency Miner is A world leader in the mining industry. We have a large mining base and a million-load mining farm. In addition, Currency Miner is known for its simple operation. Even novices can quickly operate our platform. Our interface is designed to be intuitive and simple, ensuring that anyone can easily understand and make the most of our services to easily earn cryptocurrency through Currency Miner!
Our firm is registered and carries out fund management activities (SIC) in the UK - duly licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, subject to local laws and regulations.
Use your email address to register your Currency Miner account for free. You will get a 10USD bonus when you register an account. You only need to fund your account, choose the mining plan you want to invest in, and start earning daily returns!
Cloud mining refers to hosting the mining process to a third-party service provider. Simply put, you only need to pay a certain fee to rent someone else's mining machine computing power without having to buy mining equipment and maintain the mining machine yourself. Maintenance and other issues, you can make profits through mining in the cloud or on your mobile phone or computer