Investment plan detail


[LTC Classic Hashrate]

Contract term: 20  * Day
Contract price: 3,000.00 USDT
Return / interest (every time): 1.67 %
Return for: Period
Fixed rewards: 3,000.00+1,002.00 USDT
Affiliate bonus
    3 %

    level 1

    1 %

    level 2


Package details introduction

The computing power and after-sales service are provided by Currency Miner.

The cloud mining solution provides institutional customers with simple and efficient mining solutions.

You don't need to own, run or maintain your own mining equipment to enjoy high-performance mining.

Additionally, cloud mining plans give you the flexibility to choose your preferred miner model, plan duration, and hashrate capacity. You can start mining with just a few clicks and monitor your mining output at any time.

1. Purchase instructions
According to Currency Miner's terms of use, please understand the product carefully before placing an order. If there is anything unclear, please consult customer service. Once an order is paid, it means that the product has been approved and cannot be changed or refunded.

2. Output settlement
The estimated income comes from the real-time operation of the digital asset network and is affected by dynamic changes. This article is for reference only. The actual mining income depends on the actual rate of return, and the profit from running the mining machine is settled every 24 hours. Users can withdraw earnings only when they reach the specified amount set by the platform (the minimum withdrawal amount is US$100).

3. Calculate output
For calculation of mining income, please refer to the mining pool:

4. Termination of contract
The contract will be automatically terminated upon expiration. The mining contract becomes effective immediately upon confirmation of payment. Unless otherwise required by applicable law or a specific offer, all purchases are final and non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Currency Miner is not responsible for any consequences arising from risks beyond its control, including but not limited to floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms and other natural disasters, other unforeseen or higher-risk events Weather events, government actions or directives, municipal power grid power supply accidents, and social actions or conflicts such as war. Strikes, riots, etc.

6. Fluctuations in computing power are inevitable. Currency Miner is not responsible for fluctuations caused by network instability, network failure, mining machine performance, etc.

7. Static output is statically calculated based on the current difficulty and fluctuates with the market. When the difficulty goes up or down, it will be lower or higher. Therefore, for informational purposes only, Currency Miner makes no promises or guarantees about yields.

This platform reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms of this contract.